White Paper: Anatomy of a failure to launch: A review of barriers to generic and biosimilar market entry and the use of competition law as a remedy

Second wave pandemic preparedness: procurement principles

Policy Roadmap for Medicines Manufacturing Leadership

Call for tenders SANTE/2020/C3/29 for the supply of medicinal products used for intensive care patients subject to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease – policy and technical concerns

COVID-19 “Round 2” – Findings & way forward (Kearney)

Preparing for a potential second COVID-19 wave. Joint statement by Medicines for Europe and EFPIA with Kearney


Position Paper. Reference safety information: challenges to the generic industry due to labelling harmonisation issues among different Member States

Questions and answers on regulatory expectations for medicinal products for human use during the COVID-19 pandemic

Position Paper. Incentives Review The Orphan and Paediatric Incentives