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In London for the very last time!

The Medicines for Europe annual Pharmacovigilance Conference is more than a traditional conference. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends, to engage with renowned experts, and to personally develop as a healthcare professional.

The 12th Pharmacovigilance Conference will convene in London for the very last time, at The Tower Hotel on 30th January 2019.

You will once more have the opportunity to listen to and engage with leading experts, regulators and healthcare professionals, taking stock of the past year’s achievements and discussing the future direction of pharmacovigilance.

What can you expect from the Conference programme in 2019?

The morning sessions will provide the opportunity for conference attendees to catch up on all recent activities and   to prepare themselves for upcoming milestones such as

  • Brexit on the doorstep and changes in pharmacovigilance processes and roles;
  • Data protection regulation and the impact on pharmacovigilance processes;
  • Finding out when the outcomes of measuring the impact of pharmacovigilance activities are expected and possible changes that might follow;
  • Better understanding the initiative on Patient Registries with reflections from the generic and biosimilars point of view;
  • Changes in the signal detection process and what will happen after the pilot period ends;
  • Experience gained with the enhanced EudraVigilance, good practices and the way forward.

Compliance and pharmacovigilance outside the patient safety area will be the centre of interest during the afternoon session –

We will have a look at how safety signals are monitored and followed-up in regulatory, quality and other areas of a medicine’s life-cycle.   An inspector will share his experience with us on where the usual loopholes are and potentially some good practice examples.

Are we realising the full potential of the current digital era?  We gather experts to discuss.

Over the years, one of the key successes of this conference has been the ability to secure the continuing support of key regulators. Sessions will once more be open and interactive giving attendees the opportunity to raise challenging issues in an informal environment.

Secure your place at the conference!

We look forward to welcoming YOU on 30 January 2019 in London!

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