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20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

“Off patent medicines essential for a fairer, healthier, and sustainable Europe” says President Christoph Stoller

30 April 2021

Christoph Stoller will speak at 3A CONFERENCE – Availability, Accessibility, […]

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European patients need improved access to biosimilar medicines

22 April 2021

Fifteen years after the first global approval, biosimilar medicines systemically […]

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EU Industry Welcomes New Schengen Strategy’s Green Lanes

7 April 2021


New report assesses progress on biosimilar medicine policies across Europe

29 March 2021

Biosimilar medicines are increasingly relevant to public health as emphasised by the […]

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EU industrial policy can dramatically improve medicines manufacturing resilience and security of supply

17 March 2021


New report reveals need for pricing and reimbursement and procurement reforms to ensure patient access and healthcare sustainability

1 March 2021


Smart policies will encourage more critical medicines manufacturing in Europe

26 February 2021


EU must address barriers to continuous off-patent innovation and grasp opportunity for patients and healthcare

23 February 2021

EU Pharma strategy provides unique moment to establish a regulatory […]

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A new medicines trade and health security agenda for the European Commission

19 February 2021

In response to the European Commission Trade Communication published on […]

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No further excuse to delay digital regulatory infrastructure for medicines after Covid-19 pandemic

19 February 2021


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