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20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

EU must take the lead to ensure security of supply for medicines

16 June 2021

Legislative reforms aligned with current off-patent market conditions are the […]

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EU Industry Welcomes New Schengen Strategy’s Green Lanes

4 June 2021

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Opinion piece by Christoph Stoller for Friends of Europe

3 June 2021

“Too much at stake in the EU pharma strategy to […]

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Open borders that prioritise essential goods key to medicines supply in Europe

2 June 2021

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EU Industrial strategy should be key to improving medicines supply chains

17 May 2021

The newly launched update of the industrial strategy aims to […]

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“Off patent medicines essential for a fairer, healthier, and sustainable Europe” says President Christoph Stoller

30 April 2021

Christoph Stoller will speak at 3A CONFERENCE – Availability, Accessibility, […]

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European patients need improved access to biosimilar medicines

22 April 2021

Fifteen years after the first global approval, biosimilar medicines systemically […]

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EU Industry Welcomes New Schengen Strategy’s Green Lanes

7 April 2021


New report assesses progress on biosimilar medicine policies across Europe

29 March 2021

Biosimilar medicines are increasingly relevant to public health as emphasised by the […]

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EU industrial policy can dramatically improve medicines manufacturing resilience and security of supply

17 March 2021

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