What can you do to fight Antimicrobial resistance? Adrian van den Hoven


Rebranding Medicines for Europe

Joint 22nd EGA and 19th IGBA Annual Conference (8-10 June 2016)

JOINT 22nd EGA and 19th IGBA ANNUAL CONFERENCE (8-10 June 2016)

Jacek Glinka – EGA Becomes Medicines for Europe

Factsheet: About Medicines for Europe

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Factsheet: Medicines for Europe Vision


RSAC conference 2016

EGA Supports the Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

EGA Vision 2015

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Universal Access to Health 2015 Event – 5 May 2015 – Video Playlist

One year after the EU elections:

Take home message of Adrian van den Hoven:

Interview with Alojz Peterle MEP

Interview with Karin Kadenbach MEP

Interview with Nicola Bedlington, Secretary General – EPF

Interview with Frank Vanbiervliet, European Project Coordinator – Doctors of the World

Interview with Menno Aarnout, Executive Director – AIM