The Generic Medicines Group is a sector group of Medicines for Europe, representing the generic medicines developers and manufacturers, which provide high-quality cost-competitive medicines to millions of patients in Europe and around the world.

About us

Generic medicines today

The generic medicines industry is at the heart of public health delivery. This industry provides essential medicines that European patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems rely on to treat most acute and chronic ailments ranging from cardiovascular, to diabetes and even to cancer. Generic medicines have transformed healthcare in Europe by significantly increasing access to medicine for patients in an era of rising demands for healthcare services and constrained finances. Over the last ten years, generic medicines have increased access to medicines by over 100% in 7 key therapeutic areas without increasing the overall treatment cost. Millions of European patients have benefited from better access to gold standard therapies as a result of this transformation.

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Our 5 Pillars

Generic Medicines are for Patients
Generic Medicines stand for Quality
Generic Medicines are about more Value
Generic Medicines deliver Sustainability
The Generic Medicines industry is committed to Partnership

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What's new

EURACTIV – Adjust prices to save drugs, generics industry tells EU

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Did you know?

Bioequivalence is the key factor in creating a generic medicine.


Ensuring equitable and sustainable access to medicines through a secure and resilient supply
4th Value Added Medicines Conference, Brussels
30 NOVEMBER 2022
16th Biosimilar Medicines Conference
Ensuring equitable and sustainable access to medicines...
10 NOVEMBER 2022
18th Biosimilar Medicines Conference
18th Biosimilar Medicines Conference
6-7 OCTOBER 2022

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