videophvThe Pharmacovigilance conference, organised yearly by Medicines for Europe, is a unique event where key stakeholders gather with the aim of promoting patient safety and undertaking to continue work towards a more efficient pharmacovigilance system. In the spirit of constructive cooperation, this event brings together representatives from the industry and regulators as well as healthcare professionals and patient organisations.

Morning sessions reflect on achievements so far and focus on the milestones ahead. An open dialogue between key stakeholders has proven to be the right approach for making significant progress towards better pharmacovigilance for better public protection.

Traditional afternoon brainstorming sessions stimulate a lively, engaging debate incorporating all perspectives. Hot topics are debated to identify the best possible processes and tools leading to better access to high quality medicines in Europe.Register now for the 10th Medicines for Europe Pharmacovigilance Conference.

In 2016 a record number of participants attended and more than 20 competent authorities were present, so DO NOT MISS the 2017 edition!

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20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conference


Session 1: Pharmacovigilance legislation: what are the next steps? Reflections from the Commission, European Medicines Agency and the Industry.

  • The 3-year Commission report and Impact assessment, led by the EMA
  • Scanning the horizon: what are the milestones ahead of us?
  • Social media and technology supporting patient safety: opportunities and pitfalls

Session 2: Enhanced EudraVigilance & Signal Detection – how to prepare for the upcoming milestones? Reflections of the regulators and the industry perspective.

  • EudraVigilance stakeholder change management
  • How can companies ensure smooth implementation? – case study
  • Overview of the new process for Signal Detection and Management

Session 3: Mini Workshops: how to improve pharmacovigilance activities?

  • Educational material – is there a more efficient way to educate?
  • Medical literature monitoring – service improvements after one year implementation
  • Pharmacovigilance inspections and compliance – is there a more efficient way when companies are auditing each other?
  • Signal detection – what and how to implement the changes?
  • Pharmacovigilance of Biologicals – implementation of GVP P.II recommendations

All sessions will be followed by a panel discussion and interaction with the floor.







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