Medicines for Europe Country Specific Market Access Policies

Positioning Statements on Physician-led Switching for Biosimilar Medicines

Essential Medicines for Universal Health Coverage

Medicines for Europe’s Contribution to WHO’s Biological Qualifier (BQ) Developments (PRESENTATION and SPEECH)





18 October 2016
Suzette Kox
Senior Director International
Biosimilar Medicines Group

Understanding the Science of Extrapolation and Defining Interchangeability – Dr. Elena Wolff-Holz, EULAR Symposium London

EGA-EBG Summary Position Regarding the WHO Biologic Qualifier Proposal (INN Working Doc. 14.342)


Biosimilar Product Labelling

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The value of generic medicines

The value of generic medicines

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EGA-EBG Considerations on WHO’s BQ Proposal – Suzette Kox, WHO INN Open Session with Stakeholders, Geneva, 13 October 2015 (PPT)


Investing in People Centred Health Service Delivery – Paul Cornes, Riga Health Conference – How to Improve Health Systems Through Technology? 29-30 June 2015, Riga, Latvia (PPT)