16th Biosimilar Medicines Conference

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11th Medicines for Europe Pharmacovigilance Conference

IGBA 2017 achievements – Adrian van den Hoven

Life Science Industry Coalition Position paper

Position Paper: for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

SPC manufacturing waiver

Fighting counterfeit medicines in Europe: the effect on access to medicines

The implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive, and its Delegated Regulation with detailed specifications of safety features, will provide an additional obstacle for counterfeiters. The implementation of the Directive aims to prevent falsified medicines from reaching patients, and is in the interest of public health. However, the financial burden for manufacturers to implement these additional safety features, as well as the repository system that will allow the verification of authenticity of individual packs of medicine, may threaten the availability of medicines.


Maarten Van Baelen, Pieter Dylst, Catarina Lopes Pereira, Johan Verhaeghe, Koen Nauwelaerts, Susie Lyddon

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Value Added Medicines: Time to Adjust the HTA Decision Frameworks