Join us in Sitges (Barcelona) for the 27th Annual Conference. This year, we will be taking a look at the progress made in Europe after the pandemic. We will focus on the impact of the revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation on the off-patent industry – covering the sustainability of medicines markets, shortages and security of supply, generic, biosimilar and value added medicines market opportunities and intellectual property reforms:

  • What risks and opportunities for your product launches will result from changes in EU intellectual property rules?
  • How will health systems cope with treating thousands of patients left behind during Covid-19 and how will this impact the demand for generic, biosimilar and value added medicines?
  • How can generic and biosimilar medicines fill the access gap between wealthy and less wealthy countries in Europe?
  • What policies can drive value added medicines for unmet health needs?
  • Which policies really work to deliver better access and more sustainable biosimilar medicine markets? And which policies don’t?
  • How does the EU plan to ease medicines shortages and how will this affect your business?
  • Which EU policies will strengthen manufacturing and supply chain resilience?

The 16th Legal Affairs Conference will also take place in the Dolce Sitges Hotel on 29 June 2022 with a welcome dinner session on 28 June. Join this Conference too and get a 10% discount on both conferences!



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