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On 26 & 27 April 2018, London will host the 16th Biosimilar Medicines conference. This year’s flagship event will gather top EU and global regulators, officials, healthcare actors as well as industry leaders, to foster open exchange and debate on the role of the biosimilar medicines sector in “Biosimilar Medicines: Unlocking the Full Potential of Biologics”.

Over two days, participants will dive into a dynamic programme – a crossroads between technical, scientific, market discussions and the overarching healthcare policy agenda.

With 15 years of experience-sharing on scientific assessment, regulatory approval and the introduction of biosimilar medicines in clinical practice, this conference will take us to new uncharted waters in preparing for this new era. Biosimilar medicines have been game changers in the therapeutic areas where they have been used (e.g. rheumatology, gastroenterology) with positive benefits on access to treatment, and therefore on patient outcomes. They are about to enter cancer patient pathways where the anticipated benefits will represent a unique opportunity for re-investment in needed healthcare products and services.

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While the sustainability of healthcare systems, and their ability to provide equitable care for a growing and ageing population, remains central to the heath policy debate, new questions are surfacing not only on the practical aspects that healthcare actors need to consider when introducing biologic medicines exchange in clinical practice but also on the future features of legal, procurement and regulatory frameworks in support of long term competition in the biologics market.

Biosimilar medicines form an integral part of the clinical practice in all EU Member States. In the EU and beyond, national and regional policy frameworks, including procurement systems, appear as key drivers of biosimilar medicines use. As biosimilar medicines are available for a broad range of therapies, differences observed in the hospital and retail environment also condition patient access. While there is no silver bullet, it is worth focusing on certain features and combinations thereof which have proven efficient in freeing up budget for re-investment in the healthcare system.

The global nature of this industry sector calls for an ambitious international regulatory agenda where science and experience are the key drivers.

Sustainability is also conditioned by an efficient and fit-for-purpose regulatory framework. The continuous evolution of regulatory science is a necessity and there are opportunities to derive key learnings from an in-depth analysis of the impressive cumulated data on biologic, including biosimilar, medicines applications over the past decades.

Join us for what promises to be an unprecedented edition of the Biosimilar Medicines Conference and contribute to shaping an environment where patient care pathways and access to standards of care are made easier thanks to the value that biosimilar medicines bring to healthcare systems.

As a participants in this event, you will

  • interact openly with thought leaders in the field
  • engage in vibrant discussions with the full spectrum of healthcare stakeholders, policy makers and industry
  • deepen your knowledge on the latest regulatory and scientific hot topics
  • comprehend the impact that upcoming policy frameworks will have on access to standards of care and competition in the biologics market
  • broaden your understanding of complex market access and procurement features
  • factor in international developments when considering the longer term perspective
  • access actionable takeaways from experts in their fields with relevance to your daily practice


Learn more on the legal aspects by also joining our 14th Legal Affairs Conference (more information click here) which will start the day before (25 April) in the same hotel. A 10% discount will be offered to those registering for both events. If you are interested in attending only in part, please send an email to Lucia Romagnoli by the 15 April 2018 with your request and a tailor-made programme fee will be proposed.

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To secure your place at this ‘must attend’ platform, please register by mid November 2017 and you too can share information with leading experts and network with your peers.

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