For more than 15 years, biosimilar medicines in Europe have contributed to make biologic standards of care in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) more accessible for more patients who needed them, while lowering treatment costs for healthcare system.

Political ambition and targets have been set in the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, yet it is up to individuals, organisations and policy makers to take concrete actions to deliver better access, timely access and sometimes earlier access to medicines. Beyond the treatment and medicines pillar of NCD care, examples of reinvestments in hiring staff or deploying broader access to diagnostics is changing the quality of care. These investments are made possible with the smart use of biosimilar medicines.

In this online session, we would like to discuss European initiatives offering an opportunity to effectively deliver better care & outcomes, notably the revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation and the development of the European Healthier Together Initiative. Presentations of concrete examples and experiences having delivered more value for health thanks to biosimilar medicines will allow for a debate on key features and enablers to be considered in advancing public health and biosimilar policies.