Empowering the healthcare community
by improving existing treatments

The online Value Added Medicines summit will gather a wide range of experts in the healthcare community to share best practices
and discuss patient access to continuous innovation.
There is significant untapped potential in Europe to optimise existing therapies. Innovation in well-established molecules can occur in different forms – such as repurposing medicines for new indications, reformulating to achieve better treatment outcomes or combining two or more substances,
or substances with digital services or devices, that can result in significant improvements in medical care.
Value Added Medicines can bring important benefits to patients, healthcare professionals, payers and healthcare systems generally, in a sustainable and affordable way, by addressing patient adherence, quality of life and other health outcomes, and a number of medicine-related healthcare inefficiencies.
In order to foster innovation that brings relevant benefits to society, we need to consider some fundamental changes to the way innovation is fostered and evaluated. Does EU Environment support continuous improvements of treatments?
How does continuous innovation fit into the broader EU agenda to support access to treatment and innovation?
The promise of value added medicines is evident but there are pre-requisites to its success.
How can we define value domains that could be beneficial to healthcare systems, patients, healthcare professionals?
How can VAM be evaluated in pricing and reimbursement decisions?
Why do we need to adjust the approach when it comes to off-patent innovation?
We invite you to join us in the discussion.




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