Joint EU-UK pharmaceutical industry response to Specialised Committee outcome

Am fost foarte mândru de eforturile industriei noastre de a uni și a pune interesul pacienților absolut pe primul loc în timpul acestei crize

Interviu cu Adrian van den Hoven, director general Medicines for Europe 

Asociația Medicines for Europe, al cărui director general sunteți, a sesizat în perioada pandemiei o serie de probleme, întâlnite aproape în toate țările UE, anume disfuncționalități în asigurarea stocurilor de medicamente și proceduri greoaie de achiziții de produse și echipamente medicale. Care sunt propunerile dv. pentru rezolvarea acestora?


IGBA: Global Roadmap for Tailored Clinical Biosimilar Development: Instrumental for Sustainable Access to Biologics

Joint press statement of European Pharmaceutical industry associations

Decisive action on medicines shortages should be included in pharmaceutical and industrial strategies

Practical measures are paramount for robust medicines manufacturing

Interview: Medicines for Europe Reports on EU Biosimilar Success

The Center for Biosimilars® (CfB) spoke with Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of Medicines for Europe, and Diogo Piedade, market access manager for Medicines for Europe, about their scorecard report for biosimilar access in European markets.

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Christoph Stoller and Adrian van den Hoven interviewed by PharmaBoardroom

In the wake of the publication of Medicines for Europe’s Lessons Learned from COVID-19 policy paper, Christoph Stoller & Adrian van den Hoven outline the European generics, biosimilar and value-added-medicines industry’s rapid and comprehensive response to the COVID-19 crisis as well as the potential long-term shifts in European pharmaceutical policy that may come from this tumultuous period.

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Resolving and mitigating medicine shortages in the EU

Drug shortages can greatly impact patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of Medicines for Europe, explains how to prevent and reduce the effects of medicinal scarcities in the EU.

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Arun Narayan – Chairman, Value Added Medicines Group, Medicines for Europe

Arun Narayan is the Chairman of the Value Added Medicines Sector Group at Medicines for Europe, in addition to serving as Head of Global Portfolio Strategy and Head of European Business Operations at Mylan. Narayan introduces compelling reasons why payers in Europe should consider Value Added Medicines, including cost savings and improved rates of adherence, and underscores the importance of leveraging real-world evidence to demonstrate their value.

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