Medicines for Europe welcomes 5th European Commission Stakeholder event on biosimilar medicines products organised today by the Directorate General for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW).

The event will discuss the competitive forces driving the European biologics market, how to ensure the sustainability of biosimilar medicines development and manufacturing and how to improve early access* to biosimilar medicines. The event provides an important platform for healthcare stakeholders to shape the future landscape and release the untapped benefits of biosimilar medicines competition. The latest launches of biosimilar medicines have demonstrated that markets are maturing, and that the uptake of biosimilar medicines is increasingly rapid.

The EU is the global leader in the biosimilar medicines space, with over 13 years of patient experience. The learnings are clear: biosimilar medicines deliver access and healthier communities when all actors engage, a long-term vision and ambition is set, there is active preparation, introduction and monitoring. EU countries with successful biosimilar medicines use have proactive policies to improve access to medicines, are actively learning from experience, and are adjusting policies to best fit the situation.

“We are committed to continuously bringing earlier*, broader and sustainable access to biologics through biosimilar medicines. To deliver on our mission of advancing patient access, all stakeholders must commit to working together and sharing experiences on how to remove obstacles – only then will we succeed.” commented Isabell Remus, Chair of the Biosimilar Medicines Group.

*where clinically appropriate