• Over 180 regulators and industry experts are meeting in London this week to address key issues related to the regulation of the generic medicines industry.
  • The main topics on the agenda are the future development of generic medicines to better serve patient needs and how to enable the most efficient use of resources by regulatory agencies.
  • The opportunities that modern technology affords to support patient needs and the efficiency of regulatory operations will be explored in detail during the conference.

This week in London, Medicines for Europe gathers national authorities, regulators and industry leaders to discuss future challenges and opportunities in the regulatory environment of the generic medicines industry. Important topics such as the future model of patient treatment and care, the evolution of generic medicines, the use of modern technology to support patient needs (such as the e-leaflet and mobile apps) and the optimisation of regulatory operations will be discussed during the two-day conference.

The optimisation of regulatory operations, reflected in the HMA/ EMA and CMDh 2020 workplans, are an important milestone for regulators and the industry. The recently created ‘Regulatory Optimisation Group’ (ROG) offers a promising platform to find practical solutions for regulatory efficiency and operational excellence. Industry will support this optimisation process for the benefit of patients and all partners involved in or impacted by regulatory activities. Other topics related to the overview of the globalised pharmaceutical supply chain will be discussed to create synergy between the industry and authorities on ensuring data integrity.

Adrian van den Hoven, Medicines for Europe Director General commented: “This event provides an invaluable platform for all stakeholders to build a 21st century regulatory system that prioritises patient needs, enables regulatory agencies to use their limited resources efficiently and the industry to deliver better access for better health.”