Medicines for Europe welcomes the publication of the European Commission Report on Competition Enforcement in the Pharmaceutical Sector (2009-2017).

This compilation of pharmaceutical competition law cases is part of the Health Council Conclusions of June 2016 on strengthening the balance in the pharmaceutical systems in the EU. These conclusions aim to ensure the timely availability of generic and biosimilar medicines for patient access and sustainable pharmaceutical budgets.

The report provides valuable information on how to prevent unnecessary and unlawful delays to   generic and biosimilar medicines competition. Competition law scrutiny is essential to prevent misuse of the regulatory system to delay competition including the spread of misleading information to denigrate generic and biosimilar medicines in the market.

Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of Medicines for Europe, commented: “Today’s report shows the important role that competition rules play in the pharmaceutical sector. Building on the excellent work of the EC Sector Inquiry of 2009 and the results of this Report, Medicines for Europe is ready to support the European Commission and national competent authorities in removing barriers to proper competition (such as patent linkages or disparagement practices) and focus on policies and incentives to stimulate more competition in the off-patent sector. This is going to result in better access for patients and sustainable healthcare systems throughout Europe.