The European Commission has identified the use of generic and biosimilar medicines as crucial for EU health systems in a report released today.

Detailing the potential benefits of generic and biosimilar medicines use, the European Commission identified the urgency to foster the use of biosimilar medicines specifically, an urgency heightened due to the expenditure rate on biological medicines.

Of concern in the report findings were the fluctuations of generic and biosimilar medicines use across EU member states, even though greater competition has a known track record in improving access to safe and effective medicines in health systems across Europe.

Generic and biosimilar medicines were also identified as cornerstones of appropriate use of medicines in the hospital setting. While trends show that hospital pharmaceutical spending is increasing, the benefits of generic and biosimilar medicines use are vital to ensure efficient care.

Speaking on the findings of the report, Medicines for Europe Director General, Adrian van den Hoven commented “The launch of the 2019 State of Health in the EU report reinforces the opportunities brought by generic and biosimilar medicines to improve equitable and sustainable access. We see all over Europe that health systems are struggling to deliver efficient care, while pharmaceutical budgets continue to spiral. Our hope is that EU and national policies seize these opportunities and develop better policies to ensure generic and biosimilar medicines use. This ultimately will enhance the functioning of health systems in Europe and deliver on patient access.”