• Medicines for Europe strongly supports the French government campaign to boost generic medicines.
  • Over the last ten years, generic medicines have increased access to medicines by over 100% across Europe in 7 key therapeutic areas without increasing the overall treatment cost.
  • The generic medicines industry has over 60 manufacturing sites in France which produce around 55% of generic medicines used in the country today.

Medicines for Europe strongly supports the French government campaign to boost generic medicines. Thanks to generic medicines, in Europe twice as many patients in 7 key therapeutic areas[1] (diabetes, depression, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, asthma/COPD, gastro-intestinal disease) have been able to be treated over the last ten years with no impact on overall treatment costs. Nowadays, generic medicines account for 35% of all dispensed medicines in France but account for only 18% of the pharmaceutical expenditure. Generic medicines contribute significantly to healthcare in France by ensuring greater access to medicines for patients and offering more options to healthcare professionals to treat their patients.

The French campaign is displayed through a website and will use communications platforms as social media, television, radio, posters in pharmacies and newspapers with a special section open to questions on generic medicines coming from citizens. The campaign is part of a wider generic strategy which should also stimulate generic prescribing by physicians in both general practice and the hospital setting.

Adrian van den Hoven, Director General at Medicines for Europe commented on the campaign: “France has one of the lowest generic market shares in Europe. We therefore strongly support this first step in the implementation of the French « Plan Générique ». All measures in the «Plan Générique » should now be rapidly implemented – especially the incentives for physicians to prescribe within the substitution list (« Répertoire ») to ensure access to medicines for French patients and to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare budget ”.

[1] IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics Report The role of generic medicines in sustaining healthcare systems: a European perspective: https://www.medicinesforeurope.com/2015/06/01/ims-health-2015-the-role-of-generic-medicines-in-sustaining-healthcare-systems-a-european-perspective-june-2015/