London – In London this week, the European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (EGA) will gather some of the key national authorities, regulators and industry leaders to discuss how to improve safety for patients in the regulatory frame.

More than three years after the new pharmacovigilance legislation became operational, a continuous and open dialogue between regulators and industry proved to be the key for making significant progress towards better pharmacovigilance for better public protection. Further reduced duplication of effort, targeted administrative simplification and more clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders involved are some of the main proposals from regulators and industry to improve safety for patients and therefore bring better access to high quality medicines in Europe.

Speaking ahead of the 9th EGA Pharmacovigilance Conference, Katarina Nedog, Safety and Regulatory Manager, European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association and coordinator of the conference, commented that “this event provides an invaluable platform for manufacturers, regulators and stakeholders to promote patients’ safety and commit to continuing our work towards a more efficient pharmacovigilance system”.

About the EGA (European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association)
The EGA represents the European generic, biosimilar and value-added medicines industries, which provide high-quality cost-competitive medicines to millions of European patients. Companies represented within the EGA provide over 160,000 skilled, high value direct jobs in Europe. Without generic medicines, payers in Europe would have had to pay €100 billion more in 2014. Generic medicines account for 56% of all dispensed medicines but for only 22% of the pharmaceutical expenditure in Europe. The European generic and biosimilar medicines industries’ vision is to provide sustainable access to high quality medicines for all European patients, based on 5 important pillars: patients, quality, value, sustainability and partnership. For more information please follow EGA at and on twitter @egagenerics and@ebgbiosimilars.