• The Value Added Medicines Group, a sector group of Medicines for Europe, participated in the CPhI Pre-connect Conference today to showcase the opportunities for innovation around well-established molecules.
  • Value added medicines innovate to address patient health needs, improve the safety and efficiency of the work of healthcare professionals and increase treatment options for physicians, all of which contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

The Value Added Medicines Group a sector group of Medicines for Europe, participated in the CPhI Pre-connect Conference today to promote greater access to medicines for patients across Europe. During the conference, Pieter Dylst, Senior Manager Market Access & Value Added Medicines at Medicines for Europe presented the new study Value Added Medicines: Rethink, Reinvent & Optimise Medicines: Improving Patient Health and Access. The report by Mondher Toumi, Professor of Public Health at Aix-Marseille University, identified several areas of healthcare inefficiencies in Europe. It highlights new opportunities for innovation, health improvements and budget efficiency but also identifies several barriers to the uptake of value added medicines. To ensure that all stakeholders concerned can access and take advantage of this innovation, we need clear market access pathways that recognise the benefits these medicines provide.

Christoph Stoller, Chair of the Value Added Medicines Group called on companies investing in this important innovation to join Medicines for Europe in improving medicine options for patients “We need to move from responding to sickness towards improving well-being, keeping people healthy, looking ahead and thinking in the widest sense about care that is holistic, efficient and effective. “We need more companies to join us in strengthening the dialogue with policy makers, payers, patients, and healthcare professionals to address the barriers to access so that patients can benefit from value added medicines.”

The Value Added Medicines Group is open to existing members of Medicines for Europe and new Medicines for Europe members (i.e. not already member of any Medicines for Europe sector group) interested in developing this industrial sector. For more information please contact: info@medicinesforeurope.com