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20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

Latest Data Shows the Need to Promote Biosimilar and Value Added Medicines for Better Health

16 June 2017

Biosimilar medicines are transforming treatment by enabling better access to […]

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62% of Medicines Dispensed in Europe are Generic, according to IMS New Data

15 June 2017

Pharmaceutical industry leaders and key stakeholders from the generic, biosimilar […]

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EU Semester Country Specific Recommendations: More Efficient Medicine Policies Needed for Patient Access

23 May 2017

The European Semester Country Specific Recommendations show that healthcare systems […]

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New Alliance to Drive and Measure Industry Progress to Curb Antimicrobial Resistance

18 May 2017

Speaking at the B20 Health Conference in Berlin, IFPMA Director-General […]

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Biosimilar Medicines Opportunity: Dramatic Increase in Patient Access across Europe

9 May 2017

The new report on The Impact of Biosimilar Competition in […]

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Industry Welcomes the 3rd European Commission Workshop on Biosimilar Medicines

5 May 2017

The European pharmaceutical industry welcomes the 3rd workshop on access […]

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Over 100 Participants Explore Opportunities to Ensure Universal Access to Health

27 April 2017

Over 100 participants explored different ways and opportunities to ensure […]

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22nd EAHP Conference in Cannes

25 March 2017

A special satellite  symposium was organized on “Value added medicines […]

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Biosimilar Medicines: a Game Changer for Oncology Care

23 March 2017

With 10 years of positive experience with biosimilar medicines, medical […]

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Stimulating Investment in European Generic, Biosimilar and Value Added Medicines through a Transparent Legal Environment

22 March 2017

Key authorities, eminent lawyers and industry leaders discussed today in […]

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