20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

EPSCO (Health) Council – Open letter from Medicines for Europe Executive Committee to European Health Ministers and responsible European Commissioners on inflation impacting the supply of essential medicines

9 June 2022

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Central & Eastern European patients have inequitable access to medicines for life-threatening conditions

25 April 2022

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Repurposing: a golden opportunity for patient centric health investment in Europe

6 April 2022

Report shows the future of meeting unmet medical needs relies […]

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CORREO FARMACEUTICO – Elisabeth Stampa Stampa, Presidenta de Medicines for Europe y Consejera Delegata de Medichem

31 March 2022


EU pharmaceutical legislation must support a competitive off-patent industry to deliver equitable access to medicines

20 December 2021

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Strong support for new measures to protect patient access to medicines in Northern Ireland

20 December 2021

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Biosimilar medicines have delivered 18BN€ total savings for Europe but more action needed to translate this potential into patient access and sustainable health

15 December 2021

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Commission study highlights market framework conditions are main driver for medicines shortages

9 December 2021

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REGULATORY FOCUS – New reports address generics pricing, innovation in the EU

2 December 2021


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Access to essential medicines threatened by combination of increasing inflation and potential further price cuts in EU countries

26 November 2021

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