20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

Smart use of off-patent medicines will be critical to rebuild healthcare systems successfully post-Covid

7 October 2021


Baton passes from Christoph Stoller to Rebecca Guntern as President of Medicines for Europe

1 October 2021

Rebecca Guntern (Sandoz) today begins an interim term as President […]

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HERA must address outstanding weaknesses in EU pharma framework to be successful

16 September 2021

Medicines For Europe strongly supports the EU’s drive to learn from COVID-19 […]

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EU must take the lead to ensure security of supply for medicines

16 June 2021

Legislative reforms aligned with current off-patent market conditions are the […]

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Open borders that prioritise essential goods key to medicines supply in Europe

2 June 2021


EU Industrial strategy should be key to improving medicines supply chains

17 May 2021

The newly launched update of the industrial strategy aims to […]

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“Off patent medicines essential for a fairer, healthier, and sustainable Europe” says President Christoph Stoller

30 April 2021

Christoph Stoller will speak at 3A CONFERENCE – Availability, Accessibility, […]

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EU must address barriers to continuous off-patent innovation and grasp opportunity for patients and healthcare

23 February 2021

EU Pharma strategy provides unique moment to establish a regulatory […]

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A new medicines trade and health security agenda for the European Commission

19 February 2021

In response to the European Commission Trade Communication published on […]

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No further excuse to delay digital regulatory infrastructure for medicines after Covid-19 pandemic

19 February 2021


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