20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

Over 100 Participants Explore Opportunities to Ensure Universal Access to Health

27 April 2017

Over 100 participants explored different ways and opportunities to ensure […]

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Biosimilars at work: Access. Experience. Science.

1 April 2017

Biosimilar medicines are a part of today’s therapeutic armamentarium – […]

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Biosimilar Medicines: a Game Changer for Oncology Care

23 March 2017

With 10 years of positive experience with biosimilar medicines, medical […]

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Access to Medicines at Sustainable Price: Pharma Industry and Governments Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

23 March 2017


Stimulating Investment in European Generic, Biosimilar and Value Added Medicines through a Transparent Legal Environment

22 March 2017

Key authorities, eminent lawyers and industry leaders discussed today in […]

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Biosimilar interchangeability: Do you know your switching from your substitution?

21 March 2017

US FDA interchangeability guidance adds another level of confusion over […]

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European Experience and Evidence of Physician-led Switching of Biological Medicines Give Hope to Patients around the World

14 March 2017

On 9th March, IFPMA launched jointly with EFPIA and EBE […]

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Experience and Evidence of Physician-led Switching of Biological Medicines Fully Recognised in Europe

9 March 2017

Medicines for Europe welcomes the fact that EFPIA (supported by […]

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European Parliament Recognises the Major role of Generic, Biosimilar and Value Added Medicines in Improving Access

2 March 2017

Today, the European Parliament voted on the report on ‘Options […]

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Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

27 February 2017

Europe is the cradle of the manufacturing industry and has […]

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