One- Pager: New pricing models for generic medicines

How can we ensure a sustainable healthcare system while safeguarding continuous patient access to medicines?


From disruption to care for cancer patients

Biosimilar medicines are biologic medicines that can be used safely and effectively in oncology and other therapy areas. Some of these medicines are so important that they are included in the WHO essential medicines list.


Translating experience into regulation

More than 15 years of experience with biosimilar medicines show us that these medicines can be used to expand access to treatment, as they are just as safe and effective as their originator counterparts and can therefore be considered interchangeable with them.


EU barometer for resilient access to biologics

Neurological diseases – Repurposing as an effective strategy to address unmet medical need

Integrated approaches – Investing in efficient IBD treatment, enabling innovation in patient care delivery

Diabetes – Off-patent medicines can start a virtuous circle of high-quality treatments and better prevention

Delivering best access to care for people with chronic diseases

Respiratory diseases – Value Added Medicines help improve therapy adherence to deliver better health outcomes for patients

Cardiovascular diseases – More patients are being treated while the sustainability of the healthcare system remains ensured