20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

Am fost foarte mândru de eforturile industriei noastre de a uni și a pune interesul pacienților absolut pe primul loc în timpul acestei crize

5 October 2020

Interviu cu Adrian van den Hoven, director general Medicines for Europe  […]

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Practical measures are paramount for robust medicines manufacturing

9 September 2020


Interview: Medicines for Europe Reports on EU Biosimilar Success

27 July 2020

The Center for Biosimilars® (CfB) spoke with Adrian van den Hoven, […]

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Christoph Stoller and Adrian van den Hoven interviewed by PharmaBoardroom

17 July 2020

In the wake of the publication of Medicines for Europe’s Lessons […]

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Resolving and mitigating medicine shortages in the EU

10 February 2020

Drug shortages can greatly impact patients and the pharmaceutical industry. […]

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Biosimilar Uptake in Europe: Big Challenges; Bigger Rewards

16 January 2020

Since the first treatment was approved in 2006, Europe has […]

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