20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

All routes to healthcare efficiency include biosimilar medicines

9 December 2020

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EU Pharma Strategy: Success depends on access to Generic, Biosimilar and Value Added Medicines

25 November 2020

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IGBA Launches First Global Biosimilars Week

16 November 2020

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Failure to launch: white paper explores the role of inappropriate use of IP in blocking access to generic and biosimilar medicines

5 November 2020

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Statement from the President: Now or never: pragmatism & ambition needed in EU pharma strategy to deliver on Europe’s medicines manufacturing

7 October 2020

Berlin, 07 October 2020, speaking at ‘For a Healthy Europe’, […]

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COVID-19 a lightning rod for major overhaul of EU pharmaceutical policy

9 July 2020

Urgent call for a structured industry-EU dialogue on reform The […]

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IQVIA Institute Scorecards show biosimilar medicines offer win for patients, policymakers and healthcare systems across Europe

30 June 2020

Good biosimilar medicine policies balance the benefits of multi-source competition, […]

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EU Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap: high time to improve patient access to medicines and to apply the lessons from Covid19

4 June 2020

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Letter to EU Trade Ministers. European Industry trade and supply chain needs to respond to Covid-19

10 April 2020

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A statement from the President on COVID-19

8 April 2020

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