20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

IGBA taking action to tackle shortages of antibiotic medicines

22 December 2022

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Commission study highlights need for procurement reform to ensure patient access to medicines

21 December 2022

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Billions more euros to re-invest in better healthcare thanks to biosimilar medicines

13 December 2022

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Ready in a crisis: Medicines for Europe commits at one year anniversary of HERA

8 December 2022

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2022 Health at a Glance Report highlights the need to rethink investments in health after the COVID-19 pandemic

5 December 2022

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Giving medicines a new life: EU should foster patients’ access to Value Added Medicines

30 November 2022

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Pharmaceutical legislation reforms must support equitable access to medicine in Central and Eastern Europe and security of medicines supplies

16 November 2022

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Proposals on wastewater treatment will jeopardise patient access to medicines without helping green transition

26 October 2022

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Rapid policy action needed to protect patient access to essential medicines as inflation bites

12 October 2022

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EU pharmaceutical legislation reform critical to sustain biosimilar medicines competition for the future

6 October 2022

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