20160128 EGA Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Conferenc

“Better patient access to medicines and restoring Europe’s (manufacturing) security of supply more critical than ever” says new President, as Elisabeth Stampa begins mandate

7 March 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical link between patient […]

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Statement on the war in Ukraine

4 March 2022

Collaboration Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Medicines […]

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Essential medicines must be included in EU industrial policy plans

3 March 2022

Political ambitions to strengthen EU supply chain resilience following the […]

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Electronic product information: new report shows it is time to move from principles to action

24 February 2022


Supply crunch for essential cancer medicines shows the urgent need to revise unsustainable pricing and tendering policies

16 February 2022

Reports of supply shortages of breast cancer medicine (Tamoxifen) in […]

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The European Commission needs to prioritise equitable access to biosimilar medicines in Europe

25 January 2022

Over 15 years ago, the world’s first biosimilar was launched. […]

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Regulatory reforms critical to improve patient access to medicines

24 January 2022

The ongoing review of the EU pharmaceutical legislation framework is […]

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EU pharmaceutical legislation must support a competitive off-patent industry to deliver equitable access to medicines

20 December 2021


Strong support for new measures to protect patient access to medicines in Northern Ireland

20 December 2021


Biosimilar medicines have delivered 18BN€ total savings for Europe but more action needed to translate this potential into patient access and sustainable health

15 December 2021


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